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Professor Burgos and James Collaborate on Encyclopedia Entry

Philosophy students know the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) as an indispensable, open access resource for students, faculty, and anyone else interested in philosophy. When I first came to Bucknell in 2009, I noticed that the entry on Race was written by a professor in the Political Science Department (now Associate Dean for the Faculty of Social Sciences), Michael James. “Wow, this guy is a serious philosopher!” I thought. (It’s always nice to find philosophers in other departments. . . .)

The SEP requests that authors do what they can to keep their entries up to date with often rapidly changing literature. When Professor James decided it was time to do a substantive revision, he recruited Adam Burgos, our recently hired Assistant Professor of Philosophy who works on (among other things) the philosophy of race to collaborate on the entry. That revision has now passed the SEP’s rigorous peer-review process and has been published; you can read it here.

In the introduction, they describe the scope of their entry this way:

This entry focuses primarily on contemporary scholarship regarding the conceptual, ontological, epistemological, and normative questions pertaining to race, with an introductory section on the history of the concept of race in the West and in Western philosophy.

Congratulations, Professors James and Burgos!

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