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Clinard Smith (Philosophy/Anthropology ’23)

We asked our graduating seniors to tell us a bit about their time studying philosophy at Bucknell. This week, we’ll be showcasing our students’ answers.

Favorite philosophy class at Bucknell: Philosophy of Space and Time was the very first philosophy class and I had me hooked from the very start. Aside from my desire to engage with mathematical concepts philosophically, I was infatuated with the paradoxes that Professor Balcells introduced throughout the course. To this day, I still think about them frequently.

Favorite philosopher, philosophical quote, or philosophical question: How should I live? (Aristotellian) Every day, I seek answers to this question due to the fact that each day brings about different experiences. As I traverse through the world, I contemplate the choices that I’ve made — wondering if I made the right ones. As a graduating senior that is entering his next chapter, this question appears to be the most important to me.

Favorite memory from a philosophy class or philosophy department event?: World Philosophy Day is always a great time! Meeting friends and playing games is my kind of vibe.

What are your plans post-graduation?: I plan to work back home in Washington, DC for a while.

How do you see philosophy as guiding you after graduation?: Philosophy guides me every single day. I don’t leave home without it!

Anything else?: Thank you for this unique experience. I have grown so much as a scholar and as a person.

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