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Jokubas Uznys (Philosophy & Film/Media Studies, ’21)

Congratulations to Jokubas on winning the W. Preston Warren Prize!

The W. Preston Warren Prize, endowed by friends in honor of Professor Warren, for 26 years a distinguished professor of philosophy at Bucknell, is awarded to that senior majoring in philosophy who shows the greatest achievement and promise in philosophy.

We asked our graduating seniors to tell us a bit about their time studying philosophy at Bucknell. This week, we’ll be showcasing our students’ answers.

Favorite philosophy class at Bucknell. What did you like about it?

Out of numerous great Philosophy courses I took at Bucknell, Professor Turner’s “Philosophy of Law” stands out as the most pleasantly surprising one. Its unfailing commitment to the diversity of viewpoints not only powerfully illuminated the irreducible complexities of the most impactful questions structuring our society but, in many ways, equipped me to properly grapple with them.

Favorite memory from a philosophy class or philosophy department event?

I have two: 1) The screening of Gilliam’s “12 Monkeys” for Professor Slater’s “Belief and Reality” class; 2) The time in Professor Groff’s “Wisdom, Power, and Solitude” when he brought donuts for the whole class and played, if I am not mistaken, Museo Rosenbach’s Italian Progressive Rock album “Zarathustra” before proceeding to discuss Zarathustra…

Anything else you’d like to say about your time studying philosophy at Bucknell?

I thank every single Professor from the department I had pleasure to work with — (chronologically) Professors Slater, Fleming, Lintott, Groff, Turner, Balcells, Finley, and Steiner — and wish I hadn’t missed out on others (alas, Professor Burgos, although I loved our brief conversations on films). Best of luck to the whole department in the future!

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