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Mary Marshall Moyer (Philosophy/Literary Studies, ’21)

Congratulations to Mary on her January graduation!

We asked our graduating seniors to tell us a bit about their time studying philosophy at Bucknell. This week, we’ll be showcasing our students’ answers.

Favorite philosophy class at Bucknell. What did you like about it?

Choosing a favorite is difficult. Each philosophy course I took was unique, opened my mind to new ideas, and helped me consider various perspectives, so I enjoyed all of them.

Favorite philosopher, philosophical quote, or philosophical question (someone or something that you may have returned to again and again).  What do you like about them/it?

I often find myself returning to existential questions, whether it be in other coursework, or personal and professional endeavors. I find it fascinating that each of us is navigating an individual path in life, striving to be an authentic self, seeking out meaning and developing a purpose, and at some point the infinite possibilities will be gone and the journey will come to an end- the human experience of existence and the way in which humans engage with the world around them provides so much to think about and to discuss.

Favorite memory from a philosophy class or philosophy department event?

One of my favorite memories is my first day in a classroom at Bucknell, which was a philosophy class. I don’t remember much of what was discussed outside of the syllabus, but I do remember an overwhelming sensation that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. 

Do you have plans post-graduation?  If so, what are they?  This can be further education, a job, travel/experience plans, etc

I plan to continue working at Bucknell and auditing classes “for fun,” and am excited to spend the next year watching my daughter finish her high school endeavors and determine her own path toward college. My hope is to be able to enter into a master’s program within the next two years. Other than that, I’m going to make some progress on my TBR pile, enjoy some hikes and adventures, and spend more time volunteering in the community and making memories with friends and family.

How do you see philosophy as guiding you after graduation?

At Bucknell, studying philosophy was so much more than just interesting material and courses. It was an opportunity to be welcomed into a network of truly wonderful faculty, staff, and students, and I am grateful for the friendships I’ve gained in the process of earning my degree.

Anything else you’d like to say about your time studying philosophy at Bucknell? After graduation, philosophy will remain relevant in every aspect of my life.

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